Sad news

The branch is sorry to hear that Liz Quinn has passed away. Liz was a long standing member and stalwart activist for the SNP.

Here’s a memory from 2014.
“Our very own Liz Quinn receives President’s Prize from @hudghtonmepSNP & @NicolaSturgeon on live TV #snp14.”

After the last independence referendum, Liz was quoted in the WashingtonPost, “I am deeply disappointed, but you know, we’re still standing,” said Quinn, 75, a retired school principal who has spent decades campaigning for independence. “We will not get another bite at that cherry, not in my lifetime.”

We are very sorry that Liz isn’t here to see what happens in the next few years – but we are very grateful for all her work in past years. We wouldn’t be where we are without her.

Our condolences go to her family and all her many friends.