A Message from Nicola


Scotland’s choice –

Dear SNP Member,

Today the UK Supreme Court ruled that Article 50 cannot be triggered without an Act of the UK Parliament.

You can read my response in full here.  

The ruling is a damning indictment of a UK government that believed it could press on towards a hard Brexit – with no regard to Parliament whatsoever.

While the court ruled there is no legal requirement to consult the devolved legislatures, the Prime Minister has a political obligation to do so.

At both Holyrood and Westminster, the SNP will be standing up for Scotland’s interests.

For my part, I will make sure that the Scottish Parliament is not denied the opportunity to vote on Article 50.

And, at Westminster, SNP MPs will be working with others – across the political divide – to halt the march towards a hard Brexit.

Read more about the action we plan to take here. It is a matter of deep regret that Scotland’s voice is simply not being heard or listened to within the UK.

As a nation we must decide if we are content for our future to be dictated by an increasingly right-wing Tory government at Westminster. Or is it better that we take our future into Scotland’s hands?

It is becoming ever clearer that this is a choice of two futures that Scotland must soon make.





Nicola Sturgeon,

SNP Leader